June 11, 2008

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I came across this excellent blog that reviews children's books, it's a mine of information. The link below is a link to an interview with Polly Dunbar. I met Polly a few weeks ago when she was giving a talk as part of the CBI Summer School. If you don't have a copy of her book Penguin, run out and buy a copy now.
Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
I'm off to Italy next Monday to Tuscany so I'm wrapping up loose strings this week. Starting with a review of the Summer Picture Books for the Irish Times. Its been fascinating, publishers are getting really creative with the marketing of their books: one book has a blog tour, another picture book has trailers on u tube!
The book worm above is an illustration that I did for the International Research Society for Children's Literature Summer Conference in 2006.

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emer said...

I can't wait to mind Rosie while ur in Italia!! xx