June 3, 2008


It is so hot in my studio, it's after eleven o'clock at night and I have both windows wide open. Is this Summer? It sure feels like it! I have been asked to do an illustration for the Argosy Christmas Catalogue so I have spent the evening thinking of Christmas, Santa and reindeers and cold things. This seems to be a recurring theme to my summers. I painted Santasaurus in the 'heat' of an Irish summer.  Another year I did a series of illustrations for the Ottakar's Christmas Window Display. Last year a Christmas card commission in July! Is someone trying to tell me something?


ErinOG said...

Thank you so much for writing and illustrating 'Santasaurus'! My sons, Patrick and Colin, absolutely adore this book. We are in the heat of the summer in the southern US and my boys ask us to read 'Santasaurus' every night. It keeps the spirit of Christmas around all year for us!

Niamh Sharkey said...

Hi! Thank you for letting me know, that is so cute. Maybe thats the reason why I keep painting Christmas scenes in the middle of Summer!