July 29, 2008


Great quote from Sebastian Walker: “All that counts,” he said, “is that a child says at the end of the book, ‘Again!’”
I couldn't agree more I know from my own kids that if the book is a good one, it will be asked for again, and again! What is the magic ingredient? That is the question. I am starting on a new picture book with Walker, it's just at the doodle stage. I am drawing it up into a dummy form. I start with a spark of an idea, then let it settle and play around with language, character, form and doodle all the time. My desk is a mess. The above doodle is a early Hugglewug sketch from one of my notebooks.


Maja said...

Dear Niamh,
I've been wanting to say thank you for a few years now for inspiring me to become a children's book illustrator. I found your 'Giant Turnip' in the library when I was still studying. It took me a while to change course from graphic design to illustration but I've finally made it.

I'm currently in South Africa illustrating Afrikaans children's books, but I'm hoping to spread my wings a bit more and illustrate for one of the English publishers.

I miss Dublin as well (I lived there for a year after my studies), but hopefully on my next visit I'll be able to meet you in person.

Thanks Maja

c.g.young said...

A wonderful quote indeed,
inspiring that it fits so perfectly with your art.


Mary said...

Hi Niamh, I have only recently discovered your work, can't wait to get a copy of Cinderella.
I am an aspiring illustrator myself, having just completed a degree in Illustration for children's publishing at NWSAD. I will be back to check on your new projects soon, hope the exhibtion in London goes well.
Thanks for the inspiration,

elouise said...

Dear Niamh

My friend and I both studied illustration and now work in London, I know she is a fan of your work. She is getting married at the end of August and I wondered if you had any small prints, sketches or paintings for sale?

Kind regards,

Niamh Sharkey said...

Thank you Maja, good luck with the illustration! There is a small community of illustrators so do get in touch if you are in Dublin :-)

c.g Yes its a great quote,it's so simple I kind of feel that I said it myself. I checked out your link, amazing painting. Best of luck with Toast it looks really fab! It looks like it should be made into an animation.

Mary. really looking forward to exhibition in Oct but I'm nervous too, I have only been in group show before!

Eloise, I'll send you a mail to your hotmail.