July 11, 2008

Once Upon A Tale

This is a short documentary that was made about my work by Estelle Barrett Morgan. Hope you enjoy.


Rechru said...

Great documentary! Lovely to see the space where such wonderful creations come to life, it looks a very calm and light place to work in.
I have The Ravenous Beast for my daughter who is only 6 months old, she loves the colours but we have to be careful when showing her the pictures that she doesn't try grab and tear the pages - are there hardbook baby editions of any of the books?? Would love that!

Niamh Sharkey said...

Hi Thanks for watching, where are you based?Ravenous Beast is in baby book format, good enough to chew on! I'm a Happy Hugglewug will be available later this year in board book from Candlewick Press in US and Walker books in UK. Ravenous Beast is also animated by King Rollo Films it comes with the book too.

Dada's place said...

I like your documentary. I always love to hear what an illustrator have to say about her/his work, I like to see where she/he creates, and your documentary is like your art, somehow peaceful and joyful.

Pats New Blog said...

Nice vid, 'Stell. Who will be next?

Great work Niamh - I gave the beast book to the little girl in my life as her first english reader, she loved it, but wondered what happened to all the lovely beasts.
I told her they had a party in the hundred acre woods after. Then we had ravenous beasts for dinner!

- a 'deadly' friend.

Rechru said...

Based in Dublin - I met you and your lovely gang at Collins Barracks last year with Estelle! Your books are really coming into their own in our house now with herself and I happen to love the drawings too. Definitely going to get board book copies!