October 14, 2008

Children's Drawings from Montolieu

Here are a few of the children's drawings of Hugglewugs from yesterday in the L'ecole Montolieu. I took pics of all the childrens' work so I will try to put them all up on a fliker so the children can all see their drawings. They were so small and they did such fantastic drawings!


Mahou said...

Oh..I like a picture drawings from childrens.so I like to drawing a picture anime too.

jeremy said...

Hi Niamh,

I googled my(our) name for the first time :P and i was charmed by your website detailing your work. So is there many Sharkey's still residing in Ireland? As I am the last in my immediate and extended family to carry my(our) name. As you may have gathered I am American. I would very much like to have a discussion as our common name and things regarding Ireland. Please email me at sharkey_j@hotmail.com
Kindest Regards,
Jeremy Sharkey