January 13, 2009

Read and Write This Year!

I have totally been a hermit crab hiding away. Had lovely Christmas and now am back to work on my new book. I have to have it finished soon, just doing some samples for Bologna this week. I went for my yearly spending spree to O'Sullivans in Dublin last weekend so I have lots of new art materials. I am like a kid in a candy shop when I go to art shop. I still LOVE getting new paints! I picked out a new range. For each book I always buy a few new colours that I haven't had before, can't wait to start painting.

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Mandy said...

Dear Niamh,

I am an aged/new illustrator (51). Published that is - I've been drawing on books since I was five...Big Trouble! I went back to illustration when my children became big teenagers with attitude. It's great therapy!I adore your beautiful books and as I work part-time in a library, I see them flying off the shelves! I would love to try out the criss cross techinique (with my own drawing - I would never take or copy your work/ideas!)I would love to paint my ideas onto this kind of background. It it gesso? Then oil or acrylic? Is it tricky?I'd love to get out of my watercolor habit!
Any advice you have to pass on would be really apppreciated.
Both myself and the children at the library look forward to many more of your books!

Best wishes,

Mandy Sinclair