May 29, 2009

"Have you heard, Niamh's nearly finished our book!"

I am on the home straight, after months of painting I am finishing up my book this week. It always is pretty intense finishing a book, for me anyway. There is nothing like a looming deadline to put the pressure on. Last weekend Owen took the kids away for a couple of days and I painted all weekend. 

I have next week to wrap up and clean up the artwork get it sent off to Walker. Last night after going through everything I realised that I had forgotten one entirely. My brain told me that I had painted it already because I imagined it so clearly. But no art was to be found for the page. 

I think it's time for a little holiday... 


Coralie colorie said...

Good news ! And good luck for the last line ! I'm waiting for your book ;-)

Anne Bentley said...

Fabbo! Congrats and exclamation of amazement!! Anne xo
(and yes, it's obvious we are still not in your end of the world - will email Love to O too)