July 13, 2009


Children's Books Ireland book day was in Farmleigh yesterday and the kids did amazing work! It was so great to have a large work space, huge canvases, and brilliant art materials to work with. THANK YOU CBI!!!!

We immediately got stuck in. Myself and Addie Geoghegan drew a simple outline of a tree with empty branches. The kids had to fill in the spaces with bugs and birds. A mixture of ink, paint, glue, glitter, gloopy mess, cotton wool, giant markers helped them fill in the blanks!!!

There was a real spontaneous creativity,  the kids who came along did an amazing job! The top image is the older age group 7-10 years and the bottom two images are the 4-6 years olds. The are really fantastic, I was blown away by the freedom of using large canvasses and art materials. 

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