October 6, 2009

Book Festival Fever!

Oh today is so, so rainy in Dublin. Yesterday was blue skies all the way. Today it is like a shock to the system. I love autumn but the wooly scarf wearing running through leaves autumn. Not the rainy, or the cold damp kind. But sure to cheer myself up I spent my tea cuppa time this morning reading the FREE Bookfest catalogue.

October is Bookfest in Ireland and there are great things going on around the country. Check out Children's Books Ireland for events in your locality. I will be appearing in Lucan, Balbriggan and Baldoyle Libraries for starters!

CBI has also set up an online home Write Stuff for the CBI author residences to showcase the work of the children participating in the workshops. Which is brilliant!

So as I listen to the rain pelting on the window of my attic I have to smile as I try to remember where are my wellies!

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