November 16, 2009

Time bending and Trocaire Christmas Cards

Trocaire Christmas Cards will be available in Skerries Book Store from this week. There are 4 designs in all. They are also available from the Trocaire shop Tel: +353 1 6293333 . I really enjoyed painting these cards in the middle of summer, it seems so long ago now!

I was chatting to my eight year old about this flexible nature of time and the way that it speeds up over the weekend. You know, Saturday seems like a long leisurely day where you fit loads in.

My Saturday involved getting up early, driving to Dublin, interview on FM4, getting new winter boots, coffee and chats with my friend Dermot at his wonderful gallery, buying presents for 2 birthdays, driving home, going to first birthday, painting kids faces as vampires, spotty dogs, going to second party, going to dinner in friends house with the kids... just your typical Saturday. But then on Sunday for some reason, time is speeded up. So one minute its breakfast time, next minute it's bedtime! Very little achieved and it went so quickly!

Is there a theory for this or is it just our minds time bending? Or does time go slower when you have a jammed packed day!

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