December 19, 2009

Chicks with sticks!

So many things, our roof had a leak in the bad rain a couple of weeks ago and when we had to clear out the attic I found my old sticks again. Knitting sticks that is, and a purple half knit cardigan that I started knitting when I was pregnant with Megan. I became like a woman processed and I haven't stopped knitting for the last few weeks. I finished the cardigan and then went looking for wool.

All my old haunts are closed but I found two great places online first, then I called into them in person. The first was This is Knit in Powerscourt town house. I was spoiled for choice but ended up with Noro wool, which knitted up into a scarf for Megan, and a second scarf for Oscar. Go, go scarf woman!

Then I heard about a store in Dublin set up by two sisters Fran Dalton and Teresa McCormack called Stitch so I dragged my brother Fergus there last weekend. They said that he was the second man ever to come into the store. He set off some girls giggling on one of the knit tables. The owner said they have a solicitor who buys wool from them he knits to destress!

It was such a lovely place there are places to sit, knit and relax and you can have a cuppa of tea or two. The owners were really lovely and showed me how to knit a difficult stitch. So I got lots of wool and patterns to keep me busy, and I haven't stopped knitting since. He he!

I even bought a set of sticks for my friend Dee who got me into knitting in Donegal nearly 20 years ago. You heard it here first knitting is the next big thing! Even Lisa Hanninagans mum knit her new album cover!

Maybe it's the recession but everyone I know is getting all crafty. Next book wool creatures. I might try to knit up a Hugglewug,

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