January 18, 2010

e = picture, futo = envelope

Axel Scheffler

Posy Simmonds

David McKee

David McKee, author and Illustrator of the Elmer Books used to decorate all his envelopes before sending them to his publisher Klaus Flugge, of Andersen Press. Klaus displayed the envelopes on the walls of his office. Lots of other illustrators were inspired to draw on their envelopes to Klaus and there is now a large collection of more than 500. Some are photographed on the Apple and The Egg Blog to see them all you'll have to buy the book of the exhibition.

The lovely Sarah McIntyre has a great interview with David McKee here and on her Blog. She had one of her efotos exhibited in Toyko

Satoshi Kitamura, Dave McKee and Klaus Flugge got together with the Tokyo Post Office Museum to host an exhibition of the envelopes decorated by themselves and other artists such as Posy Simmonds, Tony Ross, Axel Scheffler, Emma Chichester Clark, Max Velthuis and a bunch of other amazing illustrators.

I love writing letters and doodling and painting on envelopes and packages to friends and publishers. One of my resolutions is to write and doodle more snail mail this year.


Anne Bentley said...

How fun! I have kept all the letters and cards you've sent & treasure the from India letter with the envelope you made of your map with 'trip so far' marked in & inside poor OC's writings from the hospital dated 1998! My Mother has begun to mail back to me letters I sent her 15 years ago (her biscuit tin under the bed is too full) but I can't bear to read them - cringe-o-rama. love to all & letter, as said, on the way A xo

cduxa said...

Que ideia maravilhosa!

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