March 4, 2010

Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day everyone! Yes today is when we celebrate books, reading them, drawing them, writing them. My absolute favourite day of the year.

This morning my kids had to dress up as their favourite character from a book for school. Megan was 'Judy Moody' she drew a shark and wrote 'I ATE A SHARK' with black marker on a white t-shirt. Just like Judy Moody did in the first book, when Judy is starting third grade, she's worried that she doesn't even have a T-shirt with words, like all the other kids, because her family didn't go anywhere on vacation. So she whips up her own T-shirt (I Ate a Shark!). Megan coupled it with stripy tights and tussled her hair. She really did look like Judy Moody. I over heard Megan saying, 'I did actually eat a shark' to Harry Potter when I dropped her off at her class.

Oscar was dressed up as Flinn from Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs, and Aoibhe was Mrs Fox from Roald Dahl'sFantastic Mr Fox. There was huge excitement in Holmpatrick School in Skerries.
Today the younger children from the Junior classes will be coupled up with a older child, they have to show and tell their choosen book to each other. So the Junior infants will experience a bit of Patrick Ness or Eoin Colfer. Rare!

Also today, watch out for books that are free for the taking! It's part of Book Crossing, Irish authors plan to turn Ireland into a free library for World Book Day. Authors and Illustrators will be leaving signed copies of their books in public places for lucky readers to find. Books will be registered and tracked on

No excuse now, get your head stuck in a book and celebrate today!!!!!

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