July 28, 2010

The Ravenous Beast at The Garter Lane Gallery!

My exhibition officially opened yesterday at The Garter Lane Gallery as part of the SprOg Children's Festival.

Alas, I was foiled by a dribbling monster when I tried to escape on time! The monster heard that marshmallows and Jammie Dodgers were to be served instead of the usual wine and cheese. And he would not let me GO!

In case you get a chance to drop out of the sky and go along, the show runs until 28th August at Garter Lane Gallery, in Waterford.

I have eight pieces of original art from The Ravenous Beast.

Annie West,
Adrienne Geoghegan, Bruce Ingman, and Oisín McGann are in the exhibition too.

Save me a Jammie Dodger if you go along!


Anne Bentley said...

fabulous! I hope it goes well. I had lots of chocolate treats for my recent exhibition - it was a hit! All the best with the show - just about to check it out online - wish we were there.
A xoxo

Niamh Sharkey said...

Hi Anne! Thank you. Yes always good to have different treats. When myself and Owen got married we had Monster Munch crisps, Meanies and penny sweets at the afters. Will have to come for a book tour to Oz, when I get funding from the arts council! Hope all is well with you gals? Lots of Love x x x Niamh