September 28, 2010

Open Studio

Wowsers! My Studio was open to the public by webcam last Friday night. The technology worked, hurray! Children tuned in virtually from Sligo, Belfast and Dublin.

I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of behind the scenes practicing in the week leading up to it. I showed the Ravenous Beast DVD live on air, showed some slides, my notebooks and sneaky doodles. Viewers got to see around my studio and then I did a live chicken drawing session, as you do! The hardest part was as I could not see the audience, so it wasn't a two way thing. But the feedback and drawings were brillo. After I was finished I could just relax and enjoy Marie Louise and Annie's session.

Here are a few pictures that the kids drew after following my step by step live drawing of Marge the chicken! Fantastic!


LauraCassidy said...

I LOVE your owl cushion!

morganobrienart said...

Is there anything in the entire world greater than children's drawings...nope! : ) I have a huge folder full of pieces kids have drawn for me over the years and they are so full of magic wisdom and innocence...If only I could draw now as well as I could when I was 5 I'd be a happy artist. Oh BTW I have the EXACT owl cushion too! In fact I'm lying on it as we speak. My wife bought it for me in the Galway Market earlier in the year. The cushion reminds me a lot of the book 'A Bit Lost'

Niamh Sharkey said...

I got the cushion at Art in Action in Townley Hall this year. Yes Morgan it is a little like A Bit Lost. See I have that on my bookshelf too, what a wonderful book!
I love Owls.

I have a brilliant book about artists who had extensive collections of childrens drawings from Miro to Picasso, its called An Innocent Eye. Worth picking up.
Best Niamh

Debaroo said...

Hi Niamh

Such a fantastic evening we had and getting to draw Marge the chicken was the Highlight!!! My 2 children Beth(7) and Jamie(6) loved seeing your studio on the big screen and loved getting to draw the chicken!! Jamie is even more delighted to see his picture of Marge on the INTERNET with his wee name beside it!! HE IS FAMOUS!! (own words!) Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with my children and encouraging my children to draw and be more creative and aspire to be just like you

Many thanks
Debbie xx

Niamh Sharkey said...

Oh Debbie, thank you so, so much for your kind words and positive feedback! The kids did some fantastic drawings that night, the venues have been sending them into me. I'll post some more up soon. I am delighted that Jamie saw it, he is famous. Great drawing. Bravo!

best Niamh