October 20, 2010

Galway...it's a love thing!

Here are some of the amazing Marge and Mavis's we drew from On The Road. Baboró Festival and Charlie Byrnes hosted two reading and doodle events last Saturday. It was really well attended, thank you to all the Mums and Dads who got there at 10.30 no easy feat with young children!

Tomás and Jack Fitzgerald
Christian and Aoife Joyce
Liam and Alina Ferrie

I got to meet a really talented illustrator Morgan O'Brien who was the official artist of Baboró; he had an exhibition running for the entire festival. Morgan also did all the illustrations for the brochure which looked amazing.

He showed us this great shop Pippa Blue, run by his friend Ger that sells the most amazing wool, fabrics and toys.

The Enchanted exhibition was at The Galway Museum, what a fantastic venue. Here's my lovely Mam beside my pieces from The Ravenous Beast.

The kids visiting the exhibition loved seeing the original art. Nearly 200 kids from local schools came on Friday to the Meet the Artist event.

We had an amazing couple of days; coffees in the sunshine, hot tub on the roof of the hotel, wombling around the kooky shops and the market, window shopping and generally soaking up the vibes.

Galway is deadly; so creative and vibrant. I want to move there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Niamh,
thanks for last Saturday morning , it was great to have it so interactive .Our kids have great fun and enjoy a number of your books.

Hope to see you back in Galway & Charlie Byrnes again

P.S. Nice to see their photo up there :)

Niamh Sharkey said...

Hi Damien,
You are so welcome it was a great event. I really enjoyed my trip to Galway and I hope to be back soon for more workshops.
Yes they look lovely in the photo!
Very best Niamh