November 15, 2010

Potter Potter!

Tonight I'll be at the Harry Potter Premiere!

My brother Daniel won tickets from an RTE competition and my daughter Megan is thrilled! She has read the entire series 5 times, when I told her we were going to the premiere tonight her eyes welled up and huge tears popped out. She has not slept for the last few nights she is so excited!!!!! She is going dressed as “Loony” Luna Lovegood.

Other Potter news- I spent the weekend pottering in the Mournes with my wonderful friends. Mountain climbing, lost in the fog, story-cube storytelling, yummy homemade food, and so much laughter my cheeks are still hurting.

Joanna Kiernan rounded up the nominees for the Irish Book Award’s Children’s Book of the Year yesterday in The Sunday Independent. You have the chance to win to win all 8 books here.

Many thanks to my wonderful agent Clare for spreading the word for me about my nomination for the Book Awards at Conville and Walsh.


David Maybury said...

Just got to see it - oh oh oh it's so good! :D


Niamh Sharkey said...

So, so, dark! When there was any light at all my eyes hurt :)