November 10, 2010

Five Hearts Review!

Something really cheered me up this morning!

I am so very, very fragile today. Yesterday I had a horrible tummy bug. All I wanted was my Mammy. For her to rub my back and say ' Aw poor Niamh, don't worry, you're going to be ok.' But she's in Spain, so it's a bit unreasonable to fly home! Today I feel like my head is floating, not quiet connected if you know what I mean?

But thanks to Steve Simpson I feel much better. Thanks Steve! He'd thought I'd might like to take a peep at his daughter's reading record. Sadhbh is seven and she's in second class at Loreto Dalkey.

Steve said that Sadhbh's starting to take a real interest in reading, 'Although there are a lot of new words for her in The Ravenous Beast she loved getting her tongue around them - fun words:)'

Thanks for the fantastic review Sadhbh! The Ravenous Beast loved it and so do I.

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Anne Bentley said...

how funny - a book about big time eating & you have a belly bug!

A xo

PS the word verification for my comment is "messing"