December 20, 2010

Story Spark at The Ark!

I had an amazing session yesterday at CBI’s Story Spark at The Ark in Dublin. I have to admit that as my last event of 2010 it was the session that I really fretted over. I think I was so nervous before because it is such an iconic venue and I knew there was going to be a packed house. I couldn’t do my usual doodle along session with the kids so I had to come up with more theatre friendly ideas.

So I decided that I should bring on as many props that I could pack into my suitcase…
I also brought along dummy books, roughs, early sketches and original illustrations.

The Ravenous Beast puppet went down a storm!!!!

I cracked the drawing by getting the kids to join me on stage for a doodle-along, and by playing the doodle shape game with Tom from CBI at the end!

Once I was onstage my nerves and worries disappeared, the audience were AWESOME! As you can probably tell from the photos I had great fun and the hour totally zoomed by…

Thanks to CBI for coming up with such an amazing month celebrating stories and huge kudos to The Ark too. They really storm a path for children’s creativity in this land! The Ravenous Beast thinks so too!

There is a lovely review of my session here from Natasha, who came along yesterday with her twins. Passed on by Tom at CBI. Thanks Tom!


Anne Bentley said...

like the photos a lot - what a full year you've had, you hard working award winner you!
R.Beast went down well here also - I took some of your books into work and one of the fellows immediately ordered The Ravenous Beast along with On The Road with Mavis & Marge for his little ones.
I hope you have a lovely snuggly time this weekend.
love Anne (& AH too of course)

Niamh Sharkey said...

Hi Anne,
Wow! You are my book agent down under :) I'll have to come on tour there! It is pelting down snow in Skerries. First time we've really had decent snow since we moved here. We'll be thinking of you both on Christmas Day. It's 16 years ago we were in OZ for Christmas Day, you and Owey working in Gowings!!!!!

Hope you have a nice few days off and some sunshine. lots of love :)

Doda said...

Looks like a fantastic time was had by all!
And isn't that circular bookshelf seat thing awesome!