March 28, 2011

Fabarooney Illustrations Everywhere!

It's been a fabarooney week for illustration! First off two Irish Illustrators Kevin Waldron and Chris Haughton were chosen as rising stars Book Trust Best New Illustrators Award 2011! Hurray! They are now going to spread the love as Picture Books Ambassadors. Anthony Browne has been everywhere this week telling everyone the good news too. There is a wonderful online gallery of the illustrators here.

The wonderful Polly Dunbar has been the BookTrust Writer in residence for the past 6 months. But she leaves today. I've really enjoyed looking at her doodles and mind noodling over the past few months. Polly has put together a yummy online book called Ideas Everywhere. Go see it's wonderful... Polly you make it look so easy :)

And there is a gorgeous slide tribute of the wonderful John Burningham on the Guardian. Oh what a fabarooney week!

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