March 3, 2011

Happy World Book Day Everyone!!!!!!

It’s been a busy couple of days. Yesterday, I was at a great school Dalkey School Project NS and was warmly welcomed by the teachers and children. The school are mad about books and drawing and I had great sessions drawing and doodling with the kids.

This morning after I dropped a princess, a skeleton and Hermione off to school, I headed to St Catherine’s NS, Rush to celebrate World Book Day!

They had really prepared for my visit too; this really makes a huge difference to the children’s enjoyment of the day, (and the authors too!) The teachers were brilliant and so enthusiastic; Junior Infants had made painted Hugglewug masks and Roarsome Roars welcomed me. They nearly lifted the roof off the building!

Its been a great two days, I love meeting kids and reading and drawing with them, as they're what its all about. I’ve done lots of doodling, character sheets, showing dummy books, notebooks and roughs too.

Hundreds of Mr. Aliens, Mavis and Marge’s and Hugglewugs have been doodled. I’ve almost lost my voice from celebrating too much. Tomorrow St Catherine's tell me they are opening assembly with The Hugglewug Song!!! Huzzah!

Here are a few drawings the children made over the last two days...

Happy World Book Day everyone hope you got to enjoy reading today! I’m off to my book club tonight. Now, that’s what I can a 24 hour celebration!

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