April 15, 2011

Sendak Mural unveiled...

Imagine having a Maurice Sendak mural to sleep under!

50 years ago and two years before he wrote and illustrated 'Where the Wild Things Are,' Sendak painted a mural in Nina and Larry Chertoff's bedroom, in their apartment in New York. They have lovely memories from when Sendak came to paint the mural, they were only 6 and 4, “Maurice was sensitive to the quality of light in the room.”

Nina and Larry donated this 2 ton piece of plaster to the Philadelphia's Rosenbach Museum and Library. In 2008 it was moved from Manhattan to a conservation studio and then to the museum. It was unveiled on Wednesday.

Go have a listen to Nina, Larry and Maurice talking about their fond memories of when it was painted over on NPR. There is a wonderful slide show of the restoration here on the Rosenbach site.

Sendak speaks of it being “a happy time of my life.” He had never or has never since tackled a mural,“ There was no one from the renaissance around that could advise me.” he says.

More about the story on The History Blog.

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