April 8, 2011

The Walk of Solidarity.

A hush fell over Skerries as everyone gathered at Red Island on Wednesday Night.

It was truly mind blowing the amount of people who came out in support of the missing fishermen. The support and solidarity from the local community has been incredible. I am so proud of the way our small town has rallied in such an extraordinary and inspiring way at this sad time. To date the community has raised over €80,000 to the help the RNLI and to a fund for fuel. Last night there was an account in the Herald of the walk.

Dave Diebold, husband of Emily who runs Skerries News wrote a really moving account of the walk here.

“The Walk of Solidarity, this show of strength, of community, of union, a crowd of almost four kilometers in length and three to five people wide most times, is something that will live with each of us until we die, that will go down in our town's history, be talked about for generations. God save the souls of our friends and husbands, sons and brothers out there in the cold. We will bring you home.’

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