May 3, 2011

Back to Earth....with a bang!

I'm back at my desk after the most amazing Easter Break ever. The weather has been really warm and sunny compared to our normal drizzle. I've been surfing, boogie boarding with my little surfers, picnicing in a 500BC stone fort, breaking a knitting world record, painting plein air, and X-sailing. I fell off my X-sail yesterday and landed on my head. My brain felt like a bowling ball sloshing around in my skull. Not good! Will have to get a helmet. Back to my inbox overflowing but it was so worth it. Apologies to all the no replies, I'll get there soon I promise. Hope you all had a great break?

May is looking like a great month for illustration. Look out for some of the amazing illustration events lined up. The fantastic folk at Easons are kicking off with an Illustration Evening (soirée) with David Melling, Chris Haughton, Chris Judge and myself. Should be an evening full of doodling and noodling. Event is ticketed (free!) and you can get tickets on the Easons site.

David Maybury is a dab hand in collage and photoshop... he's turned the two Chris's, David and myself in to an illustration machine!

Then there's The Bisto, the CBI Summer School Conference and National Drawing Day on the 28th. Hope to see you at some of these events!


Marie-Louise said...

The kids look mighty cute in their gear!

Niamh Sharkey said...

How was your learning Irish week? What amazing weather I'd say Donegal was fab :)