June 28, 2011

Little Illustrators Make Their Mark!

Wonderful jam-packed day on Saturday at The Riverbank with The Little Illustrators. There were some really tiny little illustrators attending but they did amazing drawings. Look at the Lion it was made by Sarah, who was only three! This group got to draw Hugglewugs, Ravenous Beasts and even make Book-books with Marge the Chicken from On The Road, and they really were totally amazing!

Some Little Illustrators with their books-Ciara and Jamie
Watching Ravenous Beast DVD and colouring in Mavis and Marge pages
Lion by Sarah aged 3!
Millie and her fantastic Book-Book!
Millie's Henry Hugglewug
Roisin's Book-Book!
Billy's Book Book
Proud Billy and his finished Book!

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