July 18, 2011

What a Great Picnic!

Here's my teddy Bedford on his way to The Picture Book Picnic last Saturday. It was part of the Made in Temple Bar Festival organised by Walker Books, The Gutter Bookshop and Children's Books Ireland.

It was so wonderful doing an event for the really tiny ones; there were lots of babies and families there. Everyone joined in singing and dancing the Hugglewug song and there was plenty of doodling games too! And a surprise visit from Maisy Mouse at the end.

The Dare Project has a great review and some wonderful photos of the afternoon here. I loved her description that it was like a 'Love bubble.' I couldn't agree more as I was smiling all afternoon after the event. It really had a lovely warm vibe. The wonderful Bob also has some great photos up on The Gutter Bookshop's Facebook.

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