January 13, 2012

The Morning Show on TV3

Here's the link of me, The Hugglemonsters, Director Norton Virgien and Lead Writer Sascha Paladino on TV3's The Morning Show with Martin and Sybil. You can scroll to 16:20 to get straight to it. And a great photo from Darragh of the Brown Bag gang tuning in to watch the show at work this morning! 


Anne Bentley said...

Gosh it's really real! you presented very well on the telly missus.
if they'd done a smidgen of homework, they could have introduced you as a multi-award winning author... I mean to say.
A xoxo

Niamh Sharkey said...

Hey Anne! Yes its real alrighty Looking forward to your trip from OZ to Skerries this year. It might coincide with Soundwaves festival in Skerries which would be wonderful, fireworks and lots of arts events. xx Niamh