April 24, 2012

Into the Greenwood Deep

I was really honoured to be asked to open Phil Mc Darby's first solo show at The Copperhouse Gallery last Thursday. His work is truly magical and leaves me almost lost for words (I did manage to find some on the night!) I work with Phil in Brown Bag Films, and it was fantastic on the night to see so many friendly Brown Bag faces in the crowd. If anyone has a direct contact to the film-maker Peter Jackson DO get in contact with me... he needs to see this exhibition in the next two weeks. 

Into The Greenwood Deep is open everyday so make sure to pop along to see it, childrens are particular welcome at Les and Maureen's AMAZING Gallery. Phil will also be giving an artist talk where he will shed some light on how he makes his amazing images on May 3rd, details here. 

Some more of Phil's Amazing work

PJ Lynch and Phil Mc Darby
Me and Phil Mc Darby

Me and my hero PJ Lynch!

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