July 30, 2012

I was on the One O'Clock News...

reading The Ravenous Beast! I was delighted to help launch the Eason's Get Into Reading campaign, which aims to spread the gift of reading to children and adults alike. The Easons survey showed that over 18% of Irish parents never read to their children. I pledged my support and feel that Reading aloud with your children is a joy not a duty. Make up funny voices, pore over small details in the pictures, or for longer books, read a chapter each night, have fun! The Irish nation really cares about reading and books, we need to be active in sharing our love of books with the next generation.

Every Saturday during the summer Eason's will be hosting a Get Into Reading event where children's books are read out loud at the same time across the country, starting with The Ravenous Beast this Saturday.  You can sign up and promise to read to your children here.

Myself and Cathy Kelly even got to tell the world all about it on the One O'Clock News!

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Noni said...

The giant turnip illustrations are beautiful, I loved. Congratulations on your work, hope you were to put color to the stories I write, it would be an honor. From Madrid (Spain) a warm greeting