October 22, 2012

Hamburg Workshops!

I am just back from three days of doodle and painting workshops in the The International School in Hamburg.  I really had the most fantastic welcome and was given free reign. I worked with Children from 3-8 years and was astounded at the amazing work they produced.

Here's the monster recipe I used...

 Add lots of 3 years olds and a blank canvas...
 Choosing Colours! 
 Making circles!
Orange handprints!
 Painting Summer Hugglemonster in the Roaring Forest...
Hugglemonster Flowers!

Hugglemonster Roar! 

The teachers were SO enthusiastic and hugely encouraging to the children and to me also. I was given complete freedom and wonderful art materials...  Huge thank you to Joanna Mc Donagh who invited me to her wonderful school. I also did some fantastic Monster doodles on huge rolls of Fabriano paper with the 5-8 years olds which was immediately hung in the entrance hall as a celebration of Book Week...

 Monster banner in the entrance hall!
Henry Hugglemonster Art all over the walls!

Hamburg hugglemonster
 I was very, very sad to say goodbye! 

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