November 6, 2012

Monster Illustrations at The Ark

As part of Telling Tall and Tiny Tales at The Ark, Dublin and as the Children's Laureate I was given a free reign at a GIGANTIC ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP aided and abetted my three illustrators friends: Steve Simpson, Marie Louise Fitzpatrick and Michael Emberley to help create Monster pictures with children last weekend. 

We used huge rolls of canvas and acrylics to create huge panels that will be made into a giant picture book. The theme was Leggit! We created various creatures including hedgehogs, fish, Skeleton Detectives and Chesseburger eating robots legging it after each other.

Amazing creativity burst forth. I particularly loved the brainstorming session with Steve and the 10-12 year olds... And the limited palette of Ikea really suited the robot piece! 

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