March 19, 2009

House of Illustration!

There has been a lot of talk lately about highlighting Irish Children's Literature at home. I have attended meetings in the Art Council as they are looking at developing a strategy for Children’s Literature. It is felt by all involved in Childrens Literature that we need more press space for children's Literature.

For the last couple of weeks the Guardian has run a series of articles in their review section last week was an article on Eric Carle. The week before there was Nicholas Wroe's article on Shirley Hughes. It is great to see such excellent coverage of these masters of Illustration in the mainstream press. Check out David Maybury's excellent site as he always does an excellent roundup of Book Reviews especially after the weekend.

Now it's up to the Irish Press and Media to step up to the mark. I think they should start with PJ Lynch and Eoin Colfer as it was great news to hear that this week, PJ Lynch and Eoin Colfer have been put forwards as the IBBY Ireland nominations for the Hans Christian Andersen Medal. Irish writer Martin Waddell won in 2004. It is the most prestigious Award in Children’s Books, the Nobel Prize of kids Lit! I hope PJ and Eoin Colfer get lots of press space.

I also want to highlight this site the House of Illustration set up by Quentin Blake. Quentin is just brilliant, he started the Campaign for Drawing in the UK. You may know it as The Big Draw.

'The House of Illustration is a vision being turned into a reality. We aim to be the world’s first centre dedicated to the art of illustration in all its forms and to create a permanent home for an enduring art. Illustration touches our lives every day. It appears in books, magazines and newspapers, on advertising hoardings, in comics and graphic novels. It's art on a human scale - and yet the history of these images and the artists who made them is rarely explored. The House of Illustration is here to tell those stories, as well as to enthuse, inspire and educate all those who visit.'

Quentin Blake has donated his entire collection to the House of Illustration!
This includes finished illustrations to over 250 books, as well as freelance commissions for magazines and posters over the past 60 years. They intend to introduce the world of illustration to the widest range of people running courses, workshops for schools, community groups and students. There will also be a programme of talks, events and workshops for the general public.
Good hey!


PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks for your kind wishes, Niamh.
Best regards

David Maybury said...

Hi Niamh - have you thought of writing and article about the nominations??

I'm sure if the papers won't take it Inis, Poetry Ireland, the libraries or another journal would be very interested. (Or of course I could steal it for the blog...)



Niamh Sharkey said...

Hi Guys! Sorry never saw these comments until today. No probs PJ :-)

Poet Bloggs: I guess because my expertise lies with Picture books, I probably wouldn't able to give an over all review coverage of the entire list...