September 4, 2009

First Picture Book on the iphone!

The Surprise by Sylvia van Ommen is the first Picture book for the iPhone.

I was only thinking about this 2 weeks ago as Aoibhe my daughter loves scrolling through photos on the iphone. I thought wouldn't it be great to have a picture book in this format. I googled it and it looks like that the first one was released this week! I would love to have The Ravenous Beast or Hugglewugs in this format. He looks good hey! Things are changing so fast we will be like old fogies to our kids :-)

The screen will never replace the smell and tactile nature of a book, as an author and lover of books I fear that books will become obsolete. However I do believe that when we share stories together we foster a love of reading that could last a life time. For little ones the screen is not alien they see it as a set of visuals that tell a story. You can even read the stories together in the dark! I would of loved this as a kid, I used to read from the light of a street light after lights out time. Had to get glasses when I was twelve :-)

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