September 30, 2010

Laundry Show

If you missed the show of the year last night the Chief in charge of the night, Steve Doogan has posted up a video on You Tube. It was an amazing night and I was delighted to be involved. Orla Roche got the golden peg for the shows favourite, go go Orla!

Here's my piece its called 'Little Devil Inside.' Let me know what you think?
I have fine art prints available.

Tomorrow morning the amazing OFFSET 2010 starts, I just can't wait. Great write up in The Irish Times yesterday.

I'll be soaking up creativity all weekend, like a sponge.

I am thrilled to be taking part too. Myself, Chris Haughton and Mags Walsh from Children's Books Ireland are doing a panel talk at 12pm on Sunday 3rd Oct called 'Getting your book from idea to publication'

The details are here.


Anne Bentley said...

clever and funny! that's what I think.
had to work it out cause it's Friday and my brain stopped working for a bit.
Mavis & Marge arrived today - I'm saving it until tonight to share with my sweetie... oh, alright, a sneak look. I've just bought some new foam core to re-frame your 'Cat' - we have a ginger cat who has taken on that look (if you recall)while the landlord gets a new roof done. BANG! A xoxoxo

Blacker Pastures said...

It all looked great, was cool to see the video too.... wanted to get there but couldn't. Next time!

Niamh Sharkey said...

Oh Anne, That's great that you got Mavis and Marge. I want you to send me drawings of your versions of them!

Yup the show was really great. Looking forward to seeing what the IGI cook up next :)

Anne Bentley said...

Oh, fun! I'll grab AH & get out some pencils.
The book is a delight.
A xo