October 6, 2010


OFFSET 2010 was really inspirational, a fantastic conference. The dedication and attention to detail that Richard Seabrooke, Bren B and Peter O’Dwyer brought to the event was outstanding.

There was a really lovely atmosphere all weekend; international legends, new talent, illustrators, animators, photographers and designers mingled with each other over coffees and chats. It was great to put names to faces; I thought that the IGI had a really strong presence. It made me proud to be part of a community that is really vibrant and positive. It is up to us to shape the future and as Steven Heller says not to create BORING work.

A recurrent theme over the weekend was how much the whole design world has been shook up, namely by that box in the corner, 'THE INTERNET'. Refreshing to hear that illustrators (Nate Williams Martin Haake) can live all over the world and also have clients form all over the world too. Illustrators are looking to different markets, branding, licensing. Things I never would of thought of before, but now my brain is overloaded!

On yes and tents. Myself and Chris Haughton realised that if you want to get into kids book first thing that you have to do it buy a cheap tent, nothing fancy. I signed my first book in a forest in Australia, while living in a tent. And Chris went to Bologna to find a home for A BIT LOST and also stayed in a ... tent!

And yes I am definitely suffering from POS (Post Offset Syndrome!) Can't wait til next year...

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