June 17, 2011

My visit to Candlewick Press

Just back from Boston, it was so lovely to visit my American publisher Candlewick Press while I was over. Everyone was so welcoming and it was lovely to meet up with Joan and all the team again. Got sneaky peeks at some exciting projects happening soon, some we never get to see this side of the water. They have moved office since the last time I was over and the one story building, gallery wall and lunch area is wonderful. Can wait until my next visit! Here's the lovely entrance, you can sit and chat with Maisy while you're waiting.


Marie-Louise said...

You had a good trip? Caught the photo of you with your new nephew (niece?) We're heading over in September. Hopefully there'll be some sunshine as summer seems to have opted out on Ireland this year.

Niamh Sharkey said...

Fantastic trip think I want to live there for half the year :) Yes new niece little Ciara she is so beautiful. Will I see you at Dalkey Book Fest? I'l be there until about 1ish having lunch in Jaipur do come and yes where is the sun????